The objective of the Chapter will be the same as that of its parent organization, REFORMA, The National Association to Promote Library Services to the Spanish Speaking. The main purpose of this organization shall be to promote advancement, growth, improvement and implementation of library and information services to the Spanish Speaking and Latinx population of the state of Florida.

What We Do:


REFORMA de Florida operates exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Here are some of the key objectives of REFORMA de Florida:

Unite Hispanic librarians and all other librarians interested in working with the Spanish speaking.

Promote and conduct research and studies concerning educational materials and library programs available to serve the Spanish speaking.

Promote the development of Spanish-language and Hispanic oriented library collections.

Collect and disseminate information about and for the benefit of the Spanish speaking.

Help recruit prospective bilingual and bicultural librarians, including providing scholarship aid for students, the criteria for such scholarships to be determined by a Committee designated by the Board of Directors.

Engage in all other educational and charitable activities permitted by law.

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•A small group from the Tampa Bay area, including Kathleen de la Peña McCook and Derrie Perez, established the Florida Library Association Special Interest Group for Library Services to the Spanish-speaking to begin to build a base for the creation of a REFORMA chapter.



•Unaware of efforts in previous years to generate support to start a chapter of REFORMA in Florida, the Diversity Committee of the University of South Florida (USF) Tampa Campus Library discussed the idea of starting a chapter. Carol Ann Borchert agreed to investigate the possibility.

•Borchert contacted Paola Ferate of the Organization Development Committee about setting up a chapter. REFORMA's guidelines are available in the REFORMA Policy and Procedures manual at Two national REFORMA members, Derrie Perez (interim director of the USF Tampa Campus Library) and Kathleen de la Peña McCook (faculty member of the USF School of Library and Information Science) offered support and ideas.

•Approximately seven people met at the TBLC Annual Meeting in St. Petersburg, FL on November 5 to discuss chapter formation. Madison Mosley suggested the group could affiliate with FLA, similar to how the Florida chapter of ACRL has done. Ben Ostrowsky from TBLC offered to start a REFORMA-FL listserv to facilitate communication, which would be managed by TBLC.

•Borchert submitted a news update to the REFORMA newsletter for publication in the Winter 1999 issue.


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